It’s now possible to rent our newest line of Infinity 3D DMX LED panels. These panels are a real eye catcher with a new 3-Dimensional light technology that will take your light show to another dimension!

The panels are complete with a 16 channel ART-NET DMX controller and power supplies, everything is plug and play. Each panel is equipped with two 50 mm truss clamps for easy assembling to your stage design.


  • Size: 1200 x 400 x 137 mm
  • Weight: 12 KG
  • Controlled by: DMX
  • Number of pixels: 22 x 7
  • Number of universes: 1 universe per panel

3-Dimensional LED Panels

99 75/piece per day
  • 3-Dimensional light effect
  • Strobe functions
  • Create depth
  • Pre Programmed Lightshow
  • Delivery
  • Contruction and Deconstruction in the Netherlands